The Braseltons

 Jeff & Debbie Braselton


 Group Details

When do we meet?

 Our group will kick off the winter session on Sunday January 17th! We will meet on a bi-weekly basis from 6-8pm.

 Are we child friendly?

We love babies, but this group does not have child care so adults only.

 Do we have any pets you need to know about?


 What’s our focus for the winter session?

Our community group sessions are broken up into 12 week blocks. The fall session will run from the weeks of January 17th – April 8th. During this time we have opted on building healthy relationships and loving God in the process! Come join us, we can’t wait to meet you!


Fun Facts about the Braseltons 

Jeff Braselton
55 years old
What are you known for? 
I am known as a businessman as well as my work with my wife out at Tent City & with the homeless community of Lubbock!
3 Things that interest you?
I love hunting, fishing and being involved in Emmaus community because we have seen so many lives changed through it!
Debbie Braselton
56 years old 
What are you known for?
That’s a tough one… I would say I am a mom to a lot of spiritual daughters and likewise mine and Jeff’s work with Tent City & the homeless.
3 Things that interest you?
I love scrapbooking, bible studies, Women’s conferences, shopping and my grandkids!