What is the Encounter Service like?
Encounter is a monthly service that takes place on the first Wednesday of each month at 7:00 pm. This service revolves around praise and worship and we are very focused on being led by the Holy Spirit on this night as we wait on His direction. Sometimes this means that one of our pastors briefly shares something that God has laid on their hearts. Very often there is an invitation for anyone who would like to move forward and spend time in God’s presence at the altar. We have no agenda on this evening and Encounter has become a very special service of the month for all of us. 
During the service, we also have water baptisms, where people move from death to life!  You can find more info on baptisms and register here.  This service usually ends around 8:30 pm. 
What are the Prophetic Rooms?

Our Prophetic Ministry, in a nutshell, is a place where you can come and receive an encouraging Word from God that is ministered by 2 or 3 people on the prophetic team. Who can participate in the prophetic rooms? 18 years old and older except if a parent is present. Do I need to take notes while the prophetic team ministers to me? You can if you want to, but we will also record what is said and email it to you within a week. *Make sure you write your email address on the sign up sheet LEGIBLY.* How does it work? You will be able to worship in the sanctuary until your number is displayed on the screen.  After you see your number, you will report to guest services where you will be given a place to prayerfully wait until time.  When your turn comes, one of our volunteers will walk you back to the room.  As you walk in and sit down, you will be announced by being single or married & male or female (NOT by name).  You will have a chair to sit in and don’t have to say anything, but just listen as they minister to you.  The prophetic ministers will sit in front of you, with their backs facing you.  They will not see your face until your session is over.

More questions?  Give us a call at the church office! 806-785-3609