If you just gave your life to Jesus, you might be wondering…


Now What?

Before you read ANYTHING BELOW, you must know this:  It doesn’t matter what you do or don’t do, if you fail again or if you get called into ministry and preach in front of millions- GOD’S LOVE FOR YOU WILL NEVER CHANGE.  You aren’t powerful enough to add to or take away from God’s love for you.  Rest in that.  You ARE ALREADY His son or His daughter so don’t allow anything to make you doubt that.
Below you will find some practical next steps to continue in your journey.  Again, none of these things will make God love you more, but rather help you walk into the life He paid for you to have.  Jesus said in John 10:10 that He came to give us abundant life!  The steps below will help you walk into the abundant life He wants you to have!
One more quick note: following Jesus isn’t about stopping bad habits, thoughts or addictions. 
Let that sink in for a moment.  Your main focus should not be on your shortcomings but on God!  He will lead the way to abundant life and the road might not look like what you expected. 

Practical Next Steps

DO THIS FIRST.  If you have not already filled out a paper Altar Communication Card in service, you can fill out our eAltar Communication card here.  One of our staff pastors or Altar Team members will contact you to help you determine the best next step for you.

Ask for God to fill you with His Holy Spirit!

God’s design for abundant life was never for us to figure it out on our own, because it’s impossible.  Instead, He gave us Holy Spirit to guide us into all Truth.  Truth about God, truth about us, truth about others.
It’s that simple.  Just ask and you will receive.
There is a book by John Bevere called, The Holy Spirit: An Introduction that we recommend as well.
Please email us with any questions you have about this at dijon@twclubbock.com.

Get Water Baptized.

In the Bible, after people accepted Jesus into their heart, they got baptized in water as way to show the world that they were following Jesus.  
You can find more info about baptism and get registered below.

Attend our TWC

Ownership Class. 

This class is essential.  It will share the heart of TWC, equip you to walk in abundant life and help you build community.  You can find more info and register below.