Freedom Basics

…because you were created to be free.
These classes take place on Sundays at 11:30am in PT’s Office (for now).  101 will happen on the first Sunday and the other classes will follow.
Did you know that you were created to talk to God?  This class will give you practical steps to position yourself to hear His voice.
“If only I could stop doing _______” is the way many of us define freedom.  The problem with that is the bible.  It is not the absence of something, but the Presence of Someone that brings true freedom.
We have a real enemy and many of us don’t know his schemes. This class will expose his battle strategy and give you essential tools you need to walk in freedom!
The Kingdom of God is something Jesus says over and over in the New Testament.  What is He talking about?  Where is heaven really and how do you get in?  Let’s talk about what The Kingdom really is.