…because we don’t do life alone

We know that Jesus deeply values relationships so we want to make sure we value them as well. In today’s culture, cultivating deep relationships is incredibly rare because everyone stays so busy. We want to celebrate life together as well as encourage one another through the difficult seasons. For that reason, TWC chooses to make meaningful relationships a priority! Every group is different, from the time to meeting place to the time and personalities to that session’s focus, but that is what makes it fun and creates room for everyone! We know life is better together and want you to join us!

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Moose Amato

(Men’s Only Group)

James & Heather Blaylock

Lisa Stiles

(Ladies only group)

Damian & Pauline Rangel

Fabian & Rachelle Arredondo

Rashad & Kelci Walthall

Victor & Velma Valdez

Brad & Penny Moyers

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